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Industry-Leading Medical Record Retrieval

Leverage Health Gorilla's Health Interoperability Platform to enhance underwriting, boost operational efficiencies, and increase applicant engagement.

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A Platform Built for Patients, Providers, and Carriers

With Health Gorilla, life and disability applicants can leverage a network of physicians to easily schedule an in-person or virtual visit with board-certified physicians. Each physician leverages Patient360, a patient data retrieval tool, and Health Gorilla's interoperability platform to access an applicant's records before the consultation, allowing them to provide the most cost-effective and informed care available today. 

Patients choose Health Gorilla affiliated physicians for various reasons.
  • Flexible scheduling — meet in person or virtually 
  • Review of clinical history
  • Chronic and acute condition management
  • Wellness protocol programs 
  • Diagnostic testing 
  • Preventative care
  • Plan of care preparation
  • Referrals to specialists
  • Follow-ups
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The Actionable Medical History You’ve Been Waiting For

Fragmented clinical data is often challenging to understand, is limited in utility, and can lead to inaccurate decisions. With Health Gorilla's technology platform, data retrieval, and enrichment services, insurers leverage an actionable and structured view of each applicant’s historical medical data. Get in touch today to:

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Reimagine How Medical Records are Retrieved and Analyzed With Health Gorilla’s Industry-Leading Insurance Solutions

With an applicant's expressed permission, life and disability insurance companies use Chart Bridge to gain real-time, electronic access to their client’s medical records. Chart Bridge aggregates data from some of the largest hospitals and EHR systems in the nation. It works in concert with our Health Interoperability Platform to process data into an actionable, organized format.

With Chart Bridge, teams access:

Use Cases

New business underwriting
Claims determination
For-cause/APS replacement
Rate reconsiderations
Underwrite complex cases
Jumbo or large case
Life settlements

Secure and Trusted

Health Gorilla's Health Interoperability Platform meets the highest data certifications for privacy and security, keeping your data safe.

We're SOC-2 Type 2 certified, independently audited on a routine basis, and pursuing a HITRUST certification.

Our platform is also compliant with FHIR R4 profiles, and we're a trusted partner to major EMR/EHR vendors.

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