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Easily access and store your medical records from any hospital or clinic, without the need of login credentials for patient portals.
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All your health records, in one place
It’s never been easier
Right now, your medical information is scattered across the country, sitting in different medical systems that can’t speak to each other. Health Gorilla has invented a secure, patient-centric data infrastructure that aggregates and brings your personal health data to you.
Request your medical records
Connect with your physician and sign a HIPAA-proxy to gain access
to your complete medical history
Access all of your health information
Review your health records, clinical notes, diagnostics,
and procedures from anywhere you received care
Connect with your care team
Send your longitudinal clinical history to your provider
via their electronic medical record
Request, view and manage your health data in a few easy steps
Search for your providers by name, location, or specialty
Sign a HIPAA proxy which provides access to your full medical record
Receive and securely store your medical records
Actively add new providers to your care team
Review clinical updates, lab results, and messages in real-time
Our commitment to your privacy
Your health data is protected under HIPAA and guarded by Health Gorilla’s innovative security protocols.
View organizations and providers that have access to your medical records.
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The Health Gorilla app offers secure access to review and share clinical history, place clinical orders, send referrals, review and share results, and more from any device, in any location.
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