Connect to the Largest Trusted Clinical Network
Health Gorilla’s industry-leading interoperability platform enables disparate systems and institutions to communicate, share, and scale.
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The Most Secure Platform for Interoperability
Hosted in Amazon Web Services, Health Gorilla has developed and implemented an industry leading clinical interoperability solution, guarded with innovative security systems to protect user data.
Patient Identification
Statistics & Analytics
Data Normalization
Data Ingestion
National Master Patient Index
Secure Messaging
Patient Identification

Our heuristic patient identity validation process deters fraud and meets compliance regulations.

Statistics & Analytics

We provide an overarching view about usage and engagement histories to patients and doctors, valuable utilization and financial metrics to administrators of practices and Health Organizations.

Gaining executive-level visibility into network utilization, referral patterns and diagnostic ordering enables Health Organizations to deliver better care with better efficiency.

Data Normalization

Independent of the underlying data formats, we are able to take health data from disparate systems across Health Organizations and present in a uniform, normalized format at the point of care, in patients’ mobile apps or in developers’ newest digital health solution.

Data Ingestion

Our data ingestion process enables rapid export of patients’ clinical and demographic data from EMRs.

This data runs through our normalization engine, which standardizes all data types regardless of the source system, institution, or standard.

National Master Patient Index

Eliminate duplicate patient charts and medical records with our patient matching technology.

Secure Messaging

Enabling secure communication between patients and their care team, physicians and labs, vendors and imaging centers.

Transmitted health data and messages are protected with HIPAA and guarded by Health Gorilla’s innovative security protocols.

Real-time review of clinical updates, lab results and messages is a must for delivering better outcomes.

Identity verification
We carefully authenticate and verify every patient and provider who enters the platform to deter fraud, protect user data, and meet compliance needs.
Aggregating data across the ecosystem
We standardize data from across your organization which establishes a new communication stream for providers, affiliates, vendors, and patients.
Leverage Health Gorilla's API to Improve Patient Care
Streamline manual workflows and support clinical decision making
Gain visibility into cost drivers and quality improvement efforts
Life sciences
Identify patients for clinical trials and conduct novel research studies
Integrate real world data into digital health solutions for providers
The Nation’s Largest Clinical Network
Leading health systems, independent practice associations, providers, and vendors have implemented Health Gorilla to securely scale their interoperability efforts.
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