Life Insurance

Collect medical records electronically from Health Gorilla’s clinical network to inform risk assessments and underwriting.


Inform risk with health data

Health Gorilla allows insurers to completely streamline and scale the way medical records are retrieved and analyzed.

Inform risk SELECTION

Automatically adjust risk scores based on health data.

Streamline Record retrieval

Retrieve medical records electronically and in real-time.

Receive Structured Data

Incorporate structured health data to automate workflows.

How it works

Streamline medical record retrieval

Enable consumers to provide consent, retrieve their medical records, and grant access, all from within your product

Validate identity and consent

Before retrieving medical records, each member provides consent and validates their identity, ensuring complete and accurate data is retrieved from the network.

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Retrieve medical records

Once an applicant's identity is validated, we automatically ping tens of thousands of care sites to retrieve any available medical records that exist for that applicant, and bring this data directly into your consumer portal, mobile app, or underwriting workflow.

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Iconography of clinical data being displayed via API

Integrate health data

Leverage structured, complete medical records in your internal solutions to inform risk assessments, streamline underwriting workflows, and enhance the member experience.

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Learn how digital health leaders use Health Gorilla

Watch our webinar to learn how digital health developers are using Health Gorilla to access data during the pandemic.

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