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Collect medical records electronically from Health Gorilla’s clinical network to inform risk assessments and underwriting.


The leading source for aggregated and actionable clinical data

Leverage Health Gorilla's Health Interoperability Platform and robust clinical data to improve decision making. Sharpen automated underwriting, increase efficiencies, and decrease turnaround times for underwriting and claims workflows.


Decrease time spent capturing medical history for reduced claim processing times.

Streamline Record retrieval

Retrieve medical records electronically and in real-time.

Receive Structured Data

Incorporate structured health data to automate workflows.

How it works

Streamline medical record retrieval

Engage your applicant, obtain authorization, and receive structured clinical health data right away that is normalized, consolidated, de-duplicated, and formatted using industry-standard formats. Our clinical data APIs provide access to your applicants’ medical records from healthcare organizations.

Iconography of clinical data being displayed via API

Integrate health data

Leverage structured, complete medical records to inform risk assessments, streamline underwriting workflows, and enhance the consumer’s experience.

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