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Interconnected clinical data sources.
Interconnected clinical data sources.

The easiest way to get clinical data in your product

Access data from thousands of vendors instantly with Health Gorilla’s APIs and software solutions.

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The API Suite for Healthcare Developers

Building healthcare products is hard work. Getting data from different vendors is even harder. Health Gorilla arms developers with the tools they need to build healthcare products and retrieve data seamlessly.

From a FHIR-native data platform to scalable medical record retrieval, we have a suite of industry-leading APIs and software products that power fundamental healthcare workflows.

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Get data from virtually anywhere

We spent years integrating with all the major EMR systems and diagnostic vendors so you don’t have to.

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Control your user experience

Code on our APIs, own your front-end, and power fundamental workflows for your users out of the box.

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Go live within weeks

Reduce the burden on your engineering team. Test your code in our sandbox, get keys, and go live.

Built for Developers

Collect healthcare data in your platform

Get started today with our software, and code our API into your back-end to automate and scale new functionality.

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Build the future of healthcare

We partner with healthcare innovators across the industry to make high quality data easily accessible.

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Digital Health

We spent years integrating with all the major EMR systems and diagnostic vendors so you don’t have to.

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Health Systems

Enable community providers to get records and order labs electronically from your institution.

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Retrieve your patients' medical records electronically from over 65,000 care sites.

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Life Insurance

Get patient consent and collect medical records to power risk assessment.

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Retrieve records for public health purposes and streamline electronic case reporting.

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Accept orders and transmit results electronically with providers and developers in our network.

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Health Gorilla's API is a core component of Virta's continuous remote care platform, which allows us to provide our patients expert medical care, whenever and wherever they need it.
Sam Reider

Sam Reider

Engineering Manager

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Health Gorilla's APIs empower our providers with the information they need to treat patients remotely. We get instant access to a vast network of clinical endpoints, accelerating our efforts to reinvent the primary care experience.
Scott Chesrown

Scott Chesrown

Chief Operating Officer

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We spent the past few months evaluating solutions to exchange data with clinical systems. Health Gorilla's extensive API capabilities and product suite make it the undisputed leader in the industry.
Peyton Reaves

Peyton Reaves

Chief Technology Officer

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Secure and trusted

Health Gorilla’s platform meets the highest certification standards for data security, privacy, and integrity, keeping your data safe.


We’re SOC-2 certified, HIPAA-certified, and independently audited on a routine basis.


Our platform is compliant with FHIR STU-3 & IHE profiles, and we’re a trusted partner to most major EMRs.

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We’ve gone through rigorous security certifications from government agencies and other leading healthcare organizations.

Get started today

Ready for keys or need access to our sandbox? Contact our sales team and tell us about your use-case.