5-Year Partnership with Virta Health Supports Best-In-Class Member Outcomes, Lower Costs, and Easier Communication Across Care Teams

Health Gorilla is celebrating five years of a successful partnership with type 2 diabetes reversal leader Virta Health. Over this period, Health Gorilla has facilitated access to more than 1 million medical records – including medication lists, allergies, family history, and more – to support the rapid growth of Virta’s solutions for diabetes, prediabetes, and weight loss. Further, it has powered better collaboration and communication between Virta’s virtual providers and a member’s in-person care team.

Virta’s approach combines personalized nutrition and provider-led virtual care to help members to lower blood sugar, lose weight, and achieve better health while reducing or eliminating the need for medications. With a rapidly growing population, Virta providers require fast, secure access to medical records to keep members safe as they start lifestyle changes, provide personalized treatment recommendations, monitor progress, and celebrate milestones.

Through Health Gorilla’s APIs, providers can retrieve comprehensive medical records in real-time and streamline lab ordering processes. This lowers costs by reducing the burden of manual lab orders and data retrieval while preventing duplicate orders.

“We have witnessed the transformative impact of our collaboration with Virta as they’ve scaled over the last five years to revolutionize diabetes and weight loss care,” said Steve Yaskin, CEO and Co-founder of Health Gorilla. “Our clinical record retrieval and lab ordering solutions have empowered Virta with comprehensive patient data, paving the way for improved care coordination and better outcomes.”

Health Gorilla’s platform also streamlines the exchange of information in real-time, so Virta providers can easily communicate with a member’s broader care team, such as their primary care physician, about medication changes, progress on Virta, and more.

“Care coordination and access to up-to-date, accurate health data are crucial to helping our members achieve transformative health outcomes,” said Dr. Adam Wolfberg, Chief Medical Officer at Virta Health. “Over the past five years, we’ve depended on Health Gorilla to facilitate fast, secure lab ordering and broad communication necessary to help Virta scale.”

Further, Virta has harnessed Health Gorilla’s advanced interoperability platform to share patient lab and other medical data back to health information exchanges (HIEs).

Health Gorilla will be attending the annual HLTH Conference from October 8-11, 2023. Click here for more information or to request a demo at Health Gorilla’s booth 3029.

About Virta Health

Virta Health is the leader in type 2 diabetes reversal and is creating a new standard in medical care for people living with type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, or obesity. The company’s virtual approach combines personalized nutrition therapy with continuous provider-led support to empower members to eliminate medications, lose weight, and take back their lives. Virta has earned the trust of the nation’s largest organizations, including Humana, AutoZone, and Blue Shield of California. Virta also delivers industry-leading cost savings of more than $6,000 per member per year while putting our fees at risk based on health outcomes. To learn more, visit virtahealth.com.