Health Gorilla Achieves QHIN Designation

Health Gorilla’s QHIN will serve as a national node for secure, nationwide health data exchange under the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA).

Join Health Gorilla’s QHIN

As a Participant in Health Gorilla’s QHIN, your organization can:
  • Participate in a secure, federally-endorsed framework for nationwide data exchange
  • Be among the first to query for new exchange purposes such as IAS and payment
  • Exchange data seamlessly with a growing network of organizations as TEFCA exchange expands
  • Capture future government incentives as federal agencies push for TEFCA adoption
  • Make data actionable with Health Gorilla's data processing engine
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Unlock the full value of TEFCA with QHIN connectivity, data platform, and value-add data solutions

Participate in TEFCA and California’s DxF

We’re the only dual-designated QHIN & QHIO, enabling organizations to capture future state & federal incentives.

Normalize patient data into a longitudinal record

Health Gorilla’s platform maximizes the quality of patient data, making it organized and actionable for care teams.

Access more than just EHR data

Health Gorilla offers unique value-add data solutions, including lab ordering, national ADT alerts, and much more.

In-house tech and customer support

Our full-time engineering and customer support staff provide responsive support and help you achieve faster time-to-value.

Frequently asked questions

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What does it cost to join the Health Gorilla QHIN?
Who are the other designated QHINs?
What purposes of use will be exchanged via the QHINs?
Are there incentives for early adopters?