Health Gorilla’s Pursuit of a Qualified Health Information Network (QHIN) Designation

Health Gorilla has announced our intention to become one of the first designated QHINs* in the U.S. under the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA).


Health Gorilla will be applying to become one of the first QHINs under TEFCA

Being designated as a QHIN* will enable Health Gorilla to expand on the interoperability solutions that we already have in place with our suite of industry-leading APIs and software products that power fundamental healthcare workflows and secure exchanges of data.

As a QHIN, Health Gorilla will securely exchange data with other QHINs, connect our existing and future participants to a robust healthcare network, and partner with Health Information Networks (HINs) that will be required to connect to and exchange data with QHINs.

How We Are Preparing for TEFCA and QHIN

For the past five years, Health Gorilla has operated successfully and evolved our product offerings consistent with constantly evolving federal regulations for health IT. We have built a robust and secure health information exchange platform and we are one of the only organizations with membership in both the CommonWell Health Alliance and eHealth Exchange networks and the Carequality framework, which has and will continue to benefit individuals, healthcare providers, the rapidly growing digital health community, and other QHINs. While our team offers a suite of interoperability solutions, it is two of our flagship products that satisfy the first exchange purposes to be required under TEFCA.

The first is Patient360, which is available as a web-based application or through our FHIR-based clinical APIs. Patient360 supports a diverse set of clinical use cases and satisfies the treatment, payment, health care operations, benefits determination, and public health exchange purposes by allowing all healthcare stakeholders to seamlessly access and exchange data.

Our other product, which addresses the individual access purpose, is My360. My360 enables individuals to securely access their comprehensive health records using IAL-2 compliant methods and allows them to share their electronic health record (EHR) data with providers or other trusted organizations via our mobile app or API-integrated product.

We were an early adopter of FHIR and have built a FHIR-native data platform with substantial analytical capabilities that is compliant with FHIR R4 profiles to ensure scalable medical record data retrieval. Our library of APIs and software products that power fundamental healthcare workflows and data exchange scenarios enables an easy “on-ramp” to the national exchange of data and makes Health Gorilla uniquely positioned to successfully serve as one of the first QHINs.

*No organizations are currently "designated" as QHINs under the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA) model. However, Health Gorilla intends to go through the formal application process as the process and requirements are finalized.

What are the proposed exchange purposes for the Common Agreement?

Health Care Operations
Public Health
Benefits Determination
Individual Access Service

What are the Benefits of Data Exchange Through a Designated QHIN?

  • Expanded exchange purposes for flow of information
  • Fewer barriers to connection and greater access to information
  • Increased access to a broader range of provider types and health care organizations
  • Decreased number of one-off connections and reduced intricacies of data exchanges
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