Announcing the Health Gorilla GitHub Repository

Welcome to the Health Gorilla GitHub repository! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of this repository, providing a public workspace to share and collaborate around application code and tools related to Health Gorilla’s platform. The repository will establish an open source environment for innovation around Health Gorilla’s product offerings and provide a self-service public repository for customers and developers to download solutions, code templates, and workflow documentation centered around the Health Gorilla product suite. 

Additionally, the Health Gorilla GitHub repository can be used for sharing code, collaborating with other Health Gorilla implementers, and to foster creative approaches in using the Health Gorilla FHIR API. We’re delighted to offer you this new repository to extend your footprint in the wider Health Gorilla jungle.

What we offer…

The Repo

Health Gorilla maintains a repository of documentation, code samples, and working JSON templates built around FHIR API product offerings. Some of the samples included are working Node.js and Python scripts. These scripts can be used to jump start your RESTful API implementation around our Patient360 product.

The Branch

You can branch our repository and make contributions to our templates where branch submissions will be gated before any commits are made. We're excited at the prospect of collaborating with customers and ecosystem partners on enhancing our codebase to deliver better value to all of our users.

The Clone

You can duplicate and download everything in our repository to test out new developments locally. This changeover to your local computer makes it easier to fix merge conflicts, add or remove files, and push larger commits.

The Commit

You can help contribute to the Health Gorilla developer ecosystem by sharing your codebase. Health Gorilla strongly believes in the value of open source development and we can’t wait to see what innovations our partners develop while working with us.

For access to the Health Gorilla GitHub repository, visit