DNAvisit Crosses 2-Year Mark Using Health Gorilla to Access Comprehensive Health Information for Genetic Counseling

DNAvisit is now expanding its use of Health Gorilla to proactively monitor medical records and insights for patients on a long-term care plan

Health Gorilla, a leading Health Information Network and interoperability provider, announced that DNAvisit, a technology-powered genetic counseling service, has crossed its two-year anniversary using Health Gorilla’s real-time EHR data retrieval product. DNAvisit is now launching a new solution that further leverages Health Gorilla’s product for proactive medical record review and monitoring for patients subscribed to care plans.

Through Health Gorilla’s network, DNAvisit has demonstrated substantial progress in exchanging health information, including: 

  • 450,000+ clinical documents retrieved
  • 100 clinical documents retrieved on average per patient query
  • Tens of thousands of dollars saved on EHR integrations

DNAvisit (dnavisit.com) provides genetic counseling services for clinical labs, health plans, and health systems including Weill Cornell Medicine and Providence Health. Health Gorilla’s platform enables DNAvisit to retrieve and exchange patient data in real-time from a national network of EHRs. With access to comprehensive EHR data, genetic counselors can make informed care decisions without the burden of manually retrieving medical records or doing one-off EHR integrations.

“Having access to a complete clinical picture and patient history, especially for remote services, can make a big difference when providing genetic counseling services and have a meaningful impact on interpreting patient results,” said Dr. Jaime Barea, MD FACMG, Chief Medical Officer & Co-founder of DNAvisit. 

"Accessing records on Health Gorilla has been especially useful for individuals who have multiple medical problems but struggle to recall their specific diagnoses or medical history,” said Heather Wetzel, Genetic Counseling Director at DNAvisit. “We've been able to pull records on their behalf to help clarify these findings and give much more specific information to the testing labs, which can be the key to finding a genetic diagnosis."

“Having a platform like Health Gorilla has allowed us to quickly get up and running – for example, their web portal was available and integrated within a month. Subsequently, our IT teams have found Health Gorilla’s APIs to be well-designed. This has made it easy for us to build from, whether it’s our own genetics intelligence layer or most recently, our AI-powered medical record search functionality,” said Ahmed Elkalliny, CEO & Co-founder of DNAvisit.

“We’re thrilled to see DNAvisit cross their two-year anniversary using Health Gorilla to retrieve patient information,” said Steve Yaskin, CEO & Co-founder of Health Gorilla. “With fully informed genetic counselors, DNAvisit has successfully provided genetic counseling services to tens of thousands of patients across the country. We’re fully focused on delivering a stellar client experience that delivers tangible ROI.”