Health Gorilla Brings Interoperability to HLTH 

It's not often that 10,000-plus like-minded individuals come together for a common cause. Luckily in the healthcare space, we have HLTH – bringing together the entire health ecosystem to focus on innovation and transformation.

And for Health Gorilla, last week’s four-day event in Las Vegas was our most successful conference yet.

A recent partnership gave CEO and Co-founder Steve Yaskin a spot on stage (thanks Plug and Play!), where he talked about “Empowering EHRs With Complete Patient Data” and announced a new collaboration with MEDITECH. 

Expansion into Canada – the “new frontier” – is very exciting, Yaskin said, adding that MEDITECH is one of the leading companies empowering provider organizations with a much richer, more holistic view of their patients. 

“It’s very interesting to see how the same ideas that were foundational to the 21st Century Cures Act here in this country are finding their way outside the United States,” he said.

Yaskin also spoke about Health Gorilla’s goal of becoming one of the first designated Qualified Health Information Networks (QHINs) under the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA), which was established by the Cures Act. 

“We believe this is the future,” he said. “Health Gorilla’s vision is to empower providers, payers, EHRs, and digital health companies with a single view of a complete patient record.”

Clinical data alone is no longer enough, said Yaskin. “Social determinants of health (SDOH) have a huge impact on how we receive care, and socioeconomic data has a similar impact. There is more and more data coming in and we continue to discover and bring more sources of data to our interoperability platform.”

At the end of the event, we met with more than 300 cutting-edge organizations, all working towards a more effective and efficient healthcare system. It's our hope that with our platform and actionable data, these organizations can enhance their workflows and the overall efficacy of the solutions they provide.

If you missed us at HLTH this year, contact us anytime to set up some time to talk with one of our experts.