The California DxF and the Role of QHIOs for Payers

A guide to the California Data Exchange Framework (DxF), the instrumental role of Qualified Health Information Organizations (QHIOs), and the implications for healthcare payers doing business in California.

With California's healthcare landscape poised for a monumental shift, payers that do business in the Golden State are being given an opportunity to improve care coordination and member outcomes — but that is not all. By embracing the opportunities presented by this new framework, payers can not only meet the regulatory demands but also drive forward their strategic objectives, ultimately leading to a more efficient, effective, and patient-centered healthcare system.

This new white paper will be your guide to complying with the California Data Exchange Framework (DxF), which mandates that healthcare entities must participate in health data exchange by January 31, 2024.

You’ll also learn about:

  • How to leverage QHIOs to reduce the cost of data acquisition with providers
  • Technical infrastructure and security implications for healthcare payers
  • Use cases for Treatment, Payment, and Operations
  • The future of healthcare data exchange in California
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