A Plug-And-Play Patient Access Solution

An easy-to-integrate tool enabling your patients to access their medical records from thousands of care sites.

Easy-to-implement FHIR APIs
Actionable clinical data
Patient identity verification

My360 is an out-of-the-box patient access solution that care teams can embed into their existing platforms.

It enables patients to search, view, and share complete medical records aggregated from thousands of care sites. Additionally, patients can link data from health apps, wearable devices, and other SMART-on-FHIR endpoints. My360 is the easiest way to keep your patients informed and engaged.

Data Types and Coverage

My360 connects to the largest national care site networks. It works with our Health Interoperability Platform to compile and process clinical data into an accessible format. My360 allows patients to aggregate clinical records, wearable data, and labs from:

Care sites
SMART-on-FHIR endpoints

My360 Use Cases

Life insurance

Power risk assessment and underwriting to easily aggregate structured medical records electronically.


With built-in identity verification and a patient portal, My360 enables you to exchange claims and medical data with your members.

Digital health

Embed My360 in your platform to receive your patient’s medical data and enhance your services.

Secure and Trusted

Health Gorilla's Health Interoperability Platform meets the highest data certifications for privacy and security, keeping your data safe.

We're SOC-2 Type 2 certified, independently audited on a routine basis, and HITRUST R2 certified.

Our platform is also compliant with FHIR R4 profiles, and we're a trusted partner to major EMR/EHR vendors.

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