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Enabling digital health teams to access aggregated, complete clinical histories, order and review labs, and share records with other clinicians — all while avoiding complex and time-consuming data-sharing agreements.

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Iconography of clinical data being displayed via API
Iconography of clinical data displayed via API
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Access a Vast National Network

A single interoperability platform that helps you gain a better patient understanding, build automation, and order and review labs - directly from your native product or via our cloud portal.




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Own Your Patient Relationships

Use our Health Interoperability Platform to power advanced clinical functionality in your products, without the technical burden.

Retrieve medical records

Telemedicine platforms need to facilitate the retrieval of medical records for their provider users. Patient360 and Patient Access are modern, hassle-free ways to collect a patient’s medical records electronically from EMRs, available as an API or web-based app.
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Access lab data

Digital health developers choose Health Gorilla to place orders and get results from a vast network of labs, including LabCorp, Quest, and BioReference. Avoid complex integrations and go live in weeks.

Enhance communication

eFax and Direct Messaging services enabling providers to easily exchange clinical information with each other, allowing them to enhance patient care, save on costs, and increase day-to-day operating efficiency.

Our HIP Supports a Variety of Digital Health Use Cases

Home and Virtual Care
  • Access medical records in real-time while on-site
  • Review medical histories prior to encounters
  • Access full medication history
Chronic Care Management
  • Generate patient risk scores for predictive interventions
  • Enable data-driven evidence generation
  • Eliminate duplicative tests
Virtual Care Coordination
  • Use data to automate patient journeys
  • Review medication history for improved adherence
  • Receive care alerts to understand changing patient needs

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Success story: Heal

Heal provides telemedicine and physician house call services to tens of thousands of patients across seven states. To accelerate data-driven care delivery, Heal adopted Patient360, allowing physicians to review a patient's medical records from wherever they are administering care.

Informed care

With one click retrieval, Heal physicians can examine complete medical records on their patients in advance.

Proactive monitoring

With real-time updates, Heal physicians can see if their patient visited an emergency room and proactively schedule a follow up.

Market expansion

Automating their record retrieval workflows enabled Heal to get up and running in new markets much faster.

Happy patients

Patients are greeted by physicians who are already fully informed on the patient’s medical history and past encounters.

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Health Gorilla has been instrumental in accessing patient records in real time, helping us to provide high quality, data-based care.
Justin Zaghi, MD

Justin Zaghi, MD

Medical Director

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Watch our webinar to learn how digital health developers are using Health Gorilla to access data during the pandemic.

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